(By Ryan Johnson) Recently I had a dream that wasn’t long in detail, but very straightforward and to the point. In the dream, I found myself walking in a building that I knew was a church, and I knew I had never been there before. I was walking in the sanctuary when I looked down and noticed that a cockroach was moving on the floor. I remember seeing the cockroach and thinking to myself, just step on it. So, I began to pick my foot up in order to kill it, but at the very moment my foot was mid-air, the single cockroach instantly turned into a very large group of cockroaches. It happened so quickly that it startled me, causing me to almost lose my footing.

I immediately stepped backwards, looking at this overwhelming amount of cockroaches. In the dream, I remember thinking I just had to start stepping on as many of them as I could. Again, I picked up my foot, and this time the wildest thing happened. The cockroaches began to grow abnormally large. It looked like something out of a movie. These small insects now looked like they were the size of a small dog or cat. In the dream, I was now shaken because of the size, but I quickly began to take my foot and do my best to kill them. One by one, I took every ounce of force that I had in my foot and began killing each one. MORE