China has flexed its military muscle on state television as tensions escalate between the US and North Korea. China Central Television (CCTV) yesterday revealed footage of the country’s various missiles in a daily military programme. According to media, one of the weapons featured in the programme was DF-21 missile. The anti-ship ballistic missile boasts a firing distance of up to 1,926 miles (3,100km) and has been dubbed ‘the killer of aircraft carrier’.

The programme, Military Reports, was broadcast by CCTV 7, a channel dedicated to showing military and agricultural content.  The 30-minute show contained several reports, and the missiles appeared in the first two reports.  In the first report, the state-controlled station aired footage from a series of mock battles carried out by People’s Liberation Army recently.  The exact location of the battles was not revealed, but it was reported to be deep in the Tianshan Mountains in western China. READ MORE