Many Roman Catholics have been speaking out against reality TV star Kim Kardashian presenting herself as the Virgin Mary in images promoting marijuana. Kardashian posted a number of messages on Instagram and Twitter last week promoting marijuana paraphernalia, along with a white Kimoji candle that bears the image of the reality star depicted as the Virgin Mary. Townhall called it an “absurd move” by Kardashian,

given that in 2015 she had her daughter, North, baptized at St. James Cathedral, an Armenian Apostolic church in Jerusalem. Bill Donohue of The Catholic League noted in an article on CNS News that the Kimoji candle sells for $18 on Kardashian’s website. “It is placed between two other items for sale: a ‘fire weed sock’ and an ‘a– tray;’ the former celebrates marijuana use and the latter is a photo of her bare mammoth behind,” Donohue said. READ MORE