Fears of World War 3 are gripping the world at the moment, with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un squaring up to American President Donald Trump. Express.co.uk has mapped deep level shelters across the UK in the case of WW3. There are eight deep level shelters in the UK, and all of them are in London, far down underneath Underground stations. This is unlike nuclear shelters, which are dotted across the UK.

The eight are at Chancery Lane, Belsize Park, Camden Town, Goodge Street, Clapham North, Clapham Common, Clapham South and Stockwell. Built during World War II, two more were planned at St. Paul’s and Oval, but these were not completed. The buildings above St.Paul’s were not considered stable enough, and difficult ground conditions at Oval stopped building work there. Each shelter consists of a pair of parallel tunnels 5.05m in diameter and 370m long. READ MORE