A bizarre story is being reported by the New York Post regarding the new CNNgo series called “Mostly Human featuring Laurie Segall” who investigates the darker, and creepy ways modern technology is affecting our relationships. The six-part show explores some weird and downright disturbing stories.

In perhaps the strangest episode, A girl named Lilly, who is a French woman has fallen in love with the robot she built, named InMoovator. She had two previous relationships with men, but at age 19, realized she was no longer attracted to humans.

InMoovator is a robot, therefore, it can’t talk, respond or show affections, according to the report, Lilly plans to program him to do so one day. “Love is still love. It’s not that different,” she tells Segall. “I feel the same things that someone can feel toward a man or a woman. A lot of tenderness, affection, attachment.” You have to ask yourself how crazy humanity will get before the Lord returns.