(By Doug Weiss) Lust can present itself as a plaything, but as you may have learned, it is vicious. Lust is not just about lying; lust has waged war. Since war has been declared, you have to make a few primary decisions. Are you willing to fight? Are you willing to kill lust? Are you willing to have your flesh killed? In the Old Testament, God gave the Promised Land to the tribes of Israel as an inheritance.

But in order to get their inheritance, they had to go to war and kill to receive what God had already given them. In the New Testament, God has given us the lust-free nature of Christ. We just need to go to war against lust in order to receive that nature. Lust is at war and you have to be absolutely willing to fight against it. You have to kill the enemy and any part of your flesh that wants to hold onto it. You have to be able to kill lust’s existence in your life for good, not just for a little while. READ MORE