We previously reported how Pakistan’s government recently contacted Facebook and requested that they would remove “Blasphemous” content from its Social Media platform. This includes anything that is deemed offensive to Islam or the Prophet Mohammad. Now we have a new report as of today indicating that Facebook has now removed 85 percent of ‘blasphemous’ content from its social networking site as a follow-up to this recent request from the government of Pakistan.

Excerpt From RT News:
Interior Secretary Arif Khan told the court on Monday that Facebook agreed to its request to help the government eliminate blasphemous content and only 15 percent of such material remains on the site, reported The Express Tribune The details were provided during the hearing of a case about the prevalence of sacrilegious content on social media. The court had earlier ordered the government take action against anti-Islamic content. The Pakistani government contacted Facebook earlier this month and warned of repercussions if it did not oblige with its demand.

So here is the real question that I believe most will already know the answer. Will Facebook begin to remove anything deemed offensive to Christians? Or Buddhists, or what about Hindus? Will Atheists now have a role in what they deem “Offensive”? or “Blasphemous”? Is this going to be a “One-Size Fits All” solution or will this new policy only be for Isalm? Time indeed will tell soon enough.