According to reports, Britain has just made history as Newcastle University has just announced its scientists have received an official license to create babies using the DNA from three people. This is historical as it marks the first time such approval has ever been granted.  Sources indicate that the license was granted by the country’s fertility regulator on Thursday.

British officials approved the “cautious use” of the techniques back in December of last year.  The procedure is intended to prevent women from passing on fatal genetic diseases to their children as it is intended to correct problems linked to mitochondria, the energy-producing structures outside a cell’s nucleus. According to research in this field, Faulty mitochondria can result in conditions including muscular dystrophy and major organ failure.

The sources indicate that in Britain, their leaders have disagreed strongly on this new procedure while it was left for debate in the House of Commons. There is some raising concerns arguing that this will lead to “designer babies” and “playing God.” Leading churches in Britain – both Protestant and Catholic – opposed the procedure on religious and ethical grounds, they said.