(By Kelly McDonald, Jr) On the campaign trail, Donald Trump pledged an unswerving devotion to cutting UN funding. He cited various reasons for doing so, including the group’s anti-Israel stance and the spending on the fabricated “climate change” narrative. Now it appears that he is ready to take action. On Tuesday, Mark Mulvaney, the OMB chief of the Trump administration, announced that the administration is moving forward to cut funding. Currently, the US funds about 20 percent of UN administrative costs, far more than any other nation.



Many are praising this decision. 300 scientists have written to the President to request that he defund the climate change campaign supported by the UN. Others are citing the wasteful spending habits of the organization as a further reason to pull funding. Some lawmakers have cited that the group’s decisions and treaties have violated US sovereignty. If this is followed through, it will be a huge blow to the globalist movement.