According to reports coming from the Mideast, The Syrian Army is claiming that an Israeli military jet has been shot down after Israel struck a “military target” near Palmyra in a raid overnight. The sources claim that the downing of the jet was retaliation by Syrian anti-aircraft missiles. According to sources from a Syrian Army statement, a total of four Israeli jets breached the Syrian airspace on Friday morning. It was then that Syria’s air defenses shot down one of the Israeli jets over

“occupied ground” and damaged another. Reports indicate that the Israeli Army confirmed it had conducted airstrikes on several targets in Syria, and the IDF insists that none of the jets was harmed.  “At no point was the safety of Israeli civilians or the IAF [Israeli Air Force] aircraft compromised,” an Israeli military spokesman said. Shortly after the breach the Syrian Army warned Israel of “direct” retaliation “with all means at its disposal,”