The censorship and bullying continue for those who take a stand for their convictions and faith! Such is the case coming out of Wyoming where the Supreme Court has rejected an effort to remove from the bench a local judge who is under fire for stating to the media over three years ago that, as a Christian, she could not officiate “same-sex unions”.As a result It has instead decided that public censure, or a statement of disapproval, is warranted.

According to a report from Christian News Network, The court did find Judge Ruth Neely’s words to be a violation of the Wyoming Code of Judicial Conduct and didn’t believe that she had committed any acts worthy of removal. The report indicated that “Judge Neely had not violated a clear procedural rule governing the performance of her legal duties However, the court has declared that going forward, she must either agree to perform “all marital ceremonies” or none at all. The circuit court judge who appointed her as a magistrate must also decide whether she will be able to continue to serve in that capacity.