(by Kelly McDonald, Jr) Tennessee is suing the Federal Government over the refugee resettlement plan started under former President Barack Obama. The Tenth Amendment of the US Constitution states that powers not given to the federal government are delegated to the states. Tennessee is arguing that the federal government is forcing the states to pay for a program that was started and carried out by the federal government. The state is demanding that the refugee program cease until the federal government funds it.



Tennessee lawmakers overwhelmingly approved the measure in April 2016; it is not being initiated. Some have slammed the effort, including the ACLU, stating that it will encourage fear among residents in Tennessee. Lawmakers who supported the measure, such as Terri Lynn Weaver, firmly believe the federal government cannot force states to use their own funds to implement a federal program. Tennessee opted out of the refugee program, but the federal government continues to send refugees to the state. The result of this legal battle has huge implications in the continuing battle between federal authority and states’ rights.