Would you be upset if you discovered your child was a member of a hidden “Gay Club” that was created by your child’s high school? Well according to a new report coming out of Idaho, A High school there recently promoted such a club for middle and high school students that were intended to be hidden from their parents.  How it was discovered was the principal was recently caught talking about keeping the group secret in an audio recording, according to a release from Liberty Counsel.

The High School in Idaho, The Forrest M. Bird Charter School also recruited students for the club and concealed their activism from the student’s parents.  Liberty Counsel has come out against this and stated that this is plainly against the law. The Christian legal group protects religious freedom and stands up for Christian conservative values. According to a recent statement from Liberty, they are vowing to “take further action to prevent irreparable harm to the rights of our clients, as well as the parents of other children whom the school is recruiting in the absence of their parents’ knowledge and permission.”

Even the Principal Mary Jensen, admitted that the club was secret, according to Liberty Counsel.   The founder and chairman of Liberty Mat Staver, says he has never seen a case like this. “It is shocking that the principal would collude against parents’ interests,” Staver tells CBN News. “This is the first where we have seen a principal take a lead to start a gay club and hide it from the parents, and start activism,” he says.