Scientists are in the process of creating an electronic skin using solar energy advancing the development of prosthetic limbs or robots with a sense of touch. ¬†According to reports, Teams around the world are advancing the creation of flexible versions of synthetic skin that can feel by mimicking the different kinds of sensory receptors found in human skin. In order for these systems¬†to operate it poses a challenge, but now researchers at the University of Glasgow’s School of Engineering have developed a way to use graphene, an ultra-thin form of carbon, to generate electricity via solar power.

Excerpt From Yahoo News:
Graphene, which is just one atom thick, is strong, highly flexible, electrically conductive and transparent, making it ideal for gathering the sun’s energy to generate power, the scientists said on Thursday. Smart prosthetic hands, in particular, can already reproduce many mechanical properties of human limbs and giving them a skin-like sense of touch would make them even more useful for amputees.