(by Kelly McDonald, Jr) In 2015, Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito spoke prophetically when he stated that the acceptance of gay-marriage in America would lead to religious persecution. By allowing gay marriage, it opens the door for traditional marriage views to be labeled as bigotry or discrimination. Alito went on to say that we will likely see an increase in local and federal conflict over this issue.



Just a few years ago, a business in the northwest United States was sued by a gay couple who wanted them to make a wedding cake. The owners refused on the basis that it infringed upon their religious convictions. More recently, a U.K. company called Ashers Bakery was taken to court for their refusal to bake a cake for a supporter of gay-marriage. The appeals court ruled against them, but their case is pending a date in front of the UK Supreme Court. In this dark hour, we must remember not to compromise or back down from the standard set by the Word of God.