(By Alessandro Bruno) In 2017, the marching sound of boots on the ground is already echoing throughout Eastern Europe. The South and East China Seas have become a prime destination for military ships and U.S. diplomatic tensions are at a level of intensity not felt since the coldest days of the Cold War. It would be foolish, therefore, to dismiss warnings or fears of World War 3 in the next few years.

Any major conflict that breaks out now could escalate to a World War 3 scenario. These are hardly the musings of a few conspiracy theorists or eccentrics. The present geopolitical and economic background is weak, there’s a tremendous potential for unforeseen events (black swans) to trigger a calamity as WW3.

Where could it happen? Whereas World War 1 could not have started but in Europe, given that the world’s international powers were there, World War 3 could start anywhere. The United States remains the dominant power today. Whether we have a WW3 in 2017 or a WW3 in 2018 is anyone’s guess. But the conditions exist for a World War 3 in 2017. READ MORE