As if no one didn’t see this coming soon. Did you know that you may be one of 38% of Americans who could soon see your job be replaced by a robot? Sadly a new report is revealing that more than a third of U.S. jobs could be at “high risk” of automation by early 2030. This percentage is greater than in Britain, Germany, and Japan.  These estimates are reportedly based on the anticipated capabilities of robotics and artificial intelligence, and that the pace and direction of technological progress are “uncertain.”

Excerpt From The Los Angeles Times:
It said that in the U.S., 38% of jobs could be at risk of automation, compared with 30% in Britain, 35% in Germany and 21% in Japan. The main reason is not that the U.S. has more jobs in sectors that are universally ripe for automation, the report says; rather, it’s that more U.S. jobs in certain sectors are potentially vulnerable than, say, British jobs in the same sectors.