An interesting report is coming out of the Mideast regarding two Nations that will play a future role in Bibe Prophecy. According to sources, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad recently stated that he expected to see Russia play a crucial role in preventing a future conflict with the Nation of Israel. This comes days after Syria targeted Israel with a ballistic missile. The president of Syria warned Israel on Monday that his country has a right to defend its borders.

“Defending our borders is our right, and it’s our duty, not only our right,” Assad also reportedly told Russian parliament members, who recently paid an official visit to the capital on Monday, that he was counting on Russia to prevent Israel from attacking his country in the future. He stated, “We are counting on Russia to prevent a conflict with Israel,” Assad was quoted as saying by several Russian media outlets.

Interfax also quoted him as saying that “Damascus counts on Russia to take a role in order to prevent Israel from attacking Syria in the future.” What makes this report so interesting is the fact that in the future Russia along with a coalition of Arab Nations will invade Israel in a time of false security. This epic battle is foretold in the Book of Ezekiel Chapters Thirty-Eight and Thirty-Nine. As for Syria, Their capital which is Damascus has a grim prophecy foretold against it which will result in its complete destruction. This can be found in the Book of Isaiah Chapter Seventeen.