It looks like one state is taking a stand against immorality as reports indicate that a resolution declaring pornography as being a public health crisis has passed the Tennessee Senate unanimously on Monday and will now move to the desk of Gov.ernor Bill Haslam for signing. According to the Christian News Network, This resolution had been presented by Sen. Mae Beavers, R-Mt. Juliet, at the urging of Ricky Darr of Make America Porn Free, which works in conjunction with the organization Girls Against Porn and Human Trafficking to urge enforcement of obscenity laws and “to remove the easy

accessibility of pornography from the reach of children.” “My six-year-old came across pornography last year,” Darr told the Senate Health Committee last week, where the resolution likewise was approved without objection. “My son came up to me and said, ‘Dad I’ve seen a whole lot of illegals.’ He calls them illegals, and I knew what he was talking about.”Beavers went on to say that she is also concerned about inappropriate images being viewed by children. This resolution also emphasizes and outlines how that pornography is very addictive and often responsible for the breakdown of the family.