One Ohio town is reeling from what is being reported of record drug overdoses leaving nearly a dozen dead. The report from a local affiliate out of Ohio reveals that Trumbull County experienced 73 overdoses in January, February had 45. And through the first 15 days of March, 82 people overdosed.  According to reports ten of those who overdosed died.  Dominic Mararri, who was formerly addicted to heroin himself, has testified that the past two weeks of overdoses has directly touched him and even claims he knew two of the people who passed away.

“I know another three people that…by the grace of God, they didn’t pass away,” he said. The local affiliate revealed that, Of the 82 overdoses, 29 of them occurred in northeast Warren and part of Champion (zip code 44483). Eleven of the overdoses happened in southeast Warren and Howland (zip code 44484). Investigations continue of why 44483 has more overdoses than any other zip code in the region. The most logical explanation given is that area has several businesses and parking lots.