(by Kelly McDonald, Jr) Last Thursday an Obama-Era Judge ruled public schools in Missouri to be in violation of the constitution for visiting Victory Ministries and Sports Complex. In 2014 and 2015, students in the Joplin, MO School District voted to take a field trip to the Christian-based institution. The schools had parents sign a waiver to show consent for their child to make the trip; one principle ensured that no evangelistic activities occurred on the visit to avoid any conflicts.



Despite these precautions, the American Humanist Association (AHA) filed the lawsuit on behalf of three students who felt “left out” of the trip because they were not Christians. The Judge, M. Harpool, ruled that the school district is not allowed to entangle its activities with a religious organization, citing the establishment clause (which prohibits the federal government from establishing a state religion). Others who disagree with the judge cite that the establishment clause pertains to the federal government, not the states. At the time the establishment clause was created, the states each promoted a specific type of Christian church. During the Trump Administration, we could see cases like this advance to the Supreme Court.