Remember the good old days in school when we played dodge ball, hide and seek and even “Tag”? Well, one elementary school in California has just put a wet blanket on at least one of these classic childhood games! In fact, many of the Parents and even some of the children in one California city are not happy with a school’s recent decision to ban the age-old game of tag on the playground.

According to reports, The principal at Gold Ridge Elementary School in Folsom reportedly sent out a note on Friday telling parents about these new changes.  “I don’t really like it,” said Gold Ridge fourth grader Mallory Giddens, according to KOVR. “I mean I don’t really play tag but I don’t think it’s fair to everyone else that plays tag!”

As long as I can remember this classic game has been a childhood tradition played over many generations. and now I’m sure what just happened in California will catch on like wildfire and spread across the Nation!  According to the School Principal David Frankel who sent out a message on Friday stated that “Students were instructed that physical contact including tag games, touch football, etc. were not allowed on the yard.”  So what’s your thoughts? Do you agree with this school or do you believe its ridiculous?