(By Kelly McDonald, Jr) Nikki Haley, the current US ambassador to the UN and former South Carolina Governor, has recently lashed out against the UN. The organization recently released a statement accusing Israel of engaging in racial segregation. The representative who made these claims in the UN-approved study was Richard Falk, who is known for his anti-American and anti-Semitic rhetoric.



Unfortunately, the UN is known for taking cheap shots at Israel. There are globalist leaders worldwide that view Israel as a threat to peace in the Middle East. The problem with these claims is that Israel has never aggressively attacked another country. Instead, they are continually defending their right to exist from external threats including other countries and extremist groups. Unfortunately, much hypocrisy exists in the UN. They continually attack Israel while ignoring the human rights violations against women in Islamic countries such as Saudi Arabia. Haley’s statements are fascinating in light of President Trump’s pledge to seriously cut US funds to the UN.