(By Kelly McDonald, Jr) Contrary to popular belief, Christianity is not dying out. A new study shows that Christians are having more children than atheists. In less developed countries, such as a Malasyia, the difference is significant, whereas in the United States the difference is less pronounced. In Malasyia, religious parent shave 1.5 more children on average than those that are not. In the US, non-religious parents averaged 3.04 children, but religious parents averaged 3.2.



Overall, the study found that religion correlates with higher fertility rates. This has several long-term impacts. Among them is that atheismĀ is on the decline and will continue to be for some time. This also means that Christianity is on the increase. Islam has the highest fertility rates among world religions. In America, it seems that secularism is increasingly constantly due to the barrage of secular media, but this study proves that nothing could be farther from the truth.