The face of future warfare is changing rapidly and now several countries are developing nano weapons that could potentially unleash attacks using mini-nuclear bombs and insect-like lethal robots.  According to reports, one expert is warning that the advancement of nanotechnology in the future will make it a larger threat to humanity than conventional nuclear weapons. The United States., Russia and China are believed to be investing billions on hnano weapons research.

“Nanobots are the real concern about wiping out humanity because they can be weapons of mass destruction,” said Louis Del Monte, a Minnesota-based physicist and futurist. Del Monte is the author of the newly released book entitled “Nano weapons: A Growing Threat To Humanity.” According to the reports from Del Monte, these nanoweapons are much smaller than a strand of human hair and the insect-like nanobots will possess the capability to be programmed to perform various tasks, including injecting toxins into humans or contaminating the water supply of a major city.