(By Kelly McDonald, Jr) Want to make a Trillion Dollars? NBA owner and Billionaire Mark Cuban recently said that the world’s first trillionaire will be the one who masters Artificial Intelligence (AI). This includes mastering how it works, but also how to mass-produce the vital components that make it work. AI technology could soon replace a wide-range of jobs, from accountants to McDonald’s workers. Driver-less cars and even the military will one day be completely revolutionized by this technology.



Google is an excellent example. They are among the AI pioneers, and their revenue has increased $9 Billion since. Over time, AI and robots could pull many more jobs out of the private sector. Of course, moral and ethical concerns arise such as – “Who will be responsible if the robot malfunctions and a human is injured?” and “Will AI become so advanced that it threatens humanity?” These are all things to consider as this technology becomes more commonplace.