(By Will Graham) God’s servants are everywhere. Absolutely everywhere! One such man went by the name of John Harper. As the renowned steam-liner Titanic hit a deadly iceberg on the Atlantic strait that fateful night, 14th April 1912, Harper cried out for women, children and the unconverted to quickly get onto the lifeboats. He even gave his own life jacket away knowing that such an act meant certain death alongside another 1,500 helpless passengers.

In his moving and highly recommended book, ‘The Titanic’s Last Hero’ (2012), Moody Adams records the powerful testimony of the last convert John Harper won for the Lord: “During those final fifty minutes, George Henry Cavell, who was clinging to a board drifted near John Harper. Harper, who was struggling in the water, cried, “Are you saved?” The answer returned, “No.” Harper shouted words from the Bible: “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved.” Before responding, the man drifted into the darkness. READ MORE