Who would have ever thought the day would come when the terms “mom” and “dad” would be offensive? Welcome to 2017! According to a new report, A new directive from Israel’s Education Ministry calls on preschool teachers to stop referring to “Mom and Dad” in preschool activities. The staff at the pro-LGBT Hoshen Organization, which offers training to preschool staff on the subjects of gender and sexual identity, has suggested Israeli preschool teachers speak about “parents” instead of “Mom and Dad.”

“It’s worth remembering that there are many preschool children who come from non-traditional families. They may have two fathers, two mothers, two sets of parents, or LGBT parents who live separately and each has his or her own relationship,” Hoshen explained. “Don’t assume that every marital relationship is heterosexual. Instead, ask the parents how you should refer to them (Mom and Mom, Mom and Mama, Dad and Papa, etc.). READ MORE