With war clouds in the air, Israel is now set to hold the largest air drill in the Nation’s history. Reports indicate that Israel will join the Nation’s of France, Germany, India, Italy, Greece, Poland and United States in what is deemed by Lt. Col. Richard Hecht, the IAF’s international affairs chief, as the biggest air exercise to take place in Israel’s skies, according to a report in Defense News Thursday. Sources indicate that 100 aircraft and several hundred crew members will participate in the latest two-week drill, which has been held twice so far, in 2013 and 2015.

Excerpt From The Times of Israel:
As in the past, this year’s event is expected to see hundreds of sorties throughout the nation’s airspace as participants practice air-to-air battles, ground attacks on fixed- and moving targets, and maneuvering among threats from surface-to-air batteries and shoulder-launched missiles, Defense News said. Officers and other representatives from nearly 40 countries will also attend.