How does a Muslim go from the front lines of a Syrian civil war and fighting for an Islamic militant group to leading a Christian prayer meeting in an apartment in Turkey? It’s the saving power of the Gospel! According to a report from CBN News, Bashir Mohammed is that very man!  According to Bashir’s wife and neighbors, In just 4 years time he went from being filled with anger and ready to kill for his faith to a man of peace who seeks to help other Muslim converts to Christianity grow in their faith.

Excerpt From CBN News:
“Frankly, I would have slaughtered anyone who suggested it,” he told a reporter for the Times of India. It was a long journey that included growing dissatisfaction with the “holy war” in Syria. As a fighter for al Nusra, a splinter group of al-Qaeda, he saw death on the battlefield and the mass executions and torture of prisoners. One day, peering through binoculars at Syrian government soldiers executing their prisoners, he realized there was no difference between him and the enemy.