Apparently, Not only is the US Flag offensive in the US but now even wearing the colors “Red, White and Blue” is crossing the line and can be greatly offensive! Students at an Iowa high school found this out the hard way when they recently had to come out and issue and apology to a neighboring school for wearing the colors of Old Glory to a recent basketball game. Why did they apologize? Because the Valley High School students’ USA-themed attire was seen as offensive because some of the rival school’s

players were from refugee families. “Any normal person, any educated person can look at that and think what the hell are these kids thinking,” said Valley High School coach Morgan Wheat. According to to the report, The students stated that themed attire was worn at previous games and it was not meant to make a statement toward the rival side. The Student leaders at Valley sent the letter of apology to Des Moines North High last week. So welcome to America in 2017! Where displaying patriotism in our own Country is now shamed and highly offensive!