(By Dr. Michael Brown) It is one thing for a teacher or preacher to under-emphasize a biblical theme. That’s bad enough. It’s another thing entirely when a Christian leader actually removes a theme from the Bible and replaces it with something else. To do so is to tread on very dangerous ground, and that’s exactly what some hyper-grace teachers have done.

I documented this in detail in my Hyper-Grace book (I name names there, if you want to see the documentation for yourself), and so I’ve been quite familiar with this material for some years now. But while teaching a class on God’s true grace at FIRE School of Ministry this week, I was reminded of just how far some of these teachers have gone.

Here are examples from two hyper-grace paraphrases (or so-called translations). The biblical text will be followed by the hyper-grace version, and as you read, ask yourself the question: What happened to God’s wrath? CONTINUE