It’s not often that something happens in the animal Kingdom that leaves scientists and leading experts baffled, but a new report coming out regarding humpback whales is doing just that. According to reports, Humpback whales are suddenly hanging out in massive, densely packed “super groups” and these scientists are trying to figure out the reason for this strange phenomenon.  This strange occurrence has recently been spotted off the coast of South Africa by researchers and

the general public. Where the whales are gathering is out of the ordinary compared to where humpback whales usually gather in the Antarctic. Sources claim that the groups swell from anywhere between 20 to 200 and they are focused on one thing, and that is feeding. “Reasons for this recent novel behavior pattern remain speculative,” researchers wrote, but they speculate that it could be due to what they are calling an increasing number of humpback whales in the region or the abundance of prey. As of now, researchers aren’t able to identify what kind of prey has prompted this massive meet-up.