(By Kelly McDonald, Jr) This past week, the Washington Post published an article degrading the practice of home schooling, especially when the parents are fundamentalist Christians. The “poster child” for this article was Sarah Hunt, who claims she was homeschooled as a child in a fundamentalist Christian household. Her academic credentials were tremendous: she entered college at the age of 17, graduated from Georgetown Law School, and is presently a lawyer. So what was so terrible about homeschooling?



In her opinion, she felt like she was uncultured. She was intelligent, but she didn’t understand cultural figures such as Madonna. She has spearheaded a new organization called The Center for Home Education Policy, which will try to keep parents from instilling their own values into children who are homeschooled. The fact of the matter is that our culture has declined rapidly the last 8-12 years. Keeping children from learning about abusive slang words for women or promiscuity is not a bad thing. Parents brought these children into the world and they have the right to raise them as they so choose.