It appears a new debate is heating up in Texas and this one is regarding a public High School that recently opened up a prayer room for Islamic Prayer. According to reports, The Texas attorney general and a high school superintendent are debating over whether or not the high school’s Islamic prayer room is open to students of all faiths.

Excerpt From CBN News:
Sources indicate that Attorney General Ken Paxton wrote an open letter to Supt. Jeremy Lyon of the Frisco Independent School District last week, citing concerns that an Islamic prayer room at Liberty High School is not open to students of all faiths. Paxton cited an article on the Liberty news site describing the room as “dedicated to the religious needs of some students.” Paxton asked Lyon to “ensure that Liberty High School’s prayer room is accessible to students of all religious denominations.”Lyon quickly fired back, accusing the attorney general of using “inflammatory rhetoric” and said the prayer room is open to all. He cited principal Scott Warstler interviewed in a related story saying “if others want to go in and learn and see and experience that, they’re OK with that.”