(By Kelly McDonald, Jr) Liberty High School in Frisco, Texas is under heavy scrutiny for allowing a Muslim prayer in a classroom. For the last seven years, the school allowed one classroom to be used every day for 30 minutes of Muslim prayer during the school week. Ken Paxton, the State Attorney General, sent a special letter to the school district informing them that the constitution forbids them from favoring on religion over another.


While other faiths are allowed to congregate at this school, it is done before or after school hours. Interesting problems are raise with this situation. Are Christians allowed to go into the same room at the same time and offer prayers in the name of Jesus? This issue is growing. Institutions of learning in other states such as Michigan have been installing ritualistic footbaths for Muslims to wash their feet before Friday prayers. This is truly hypocritical since Christians are hindered from practicing their faith, but Muslims are accommodated in theirs.