Is the world ready for Super Humans? If not you better get ready! That is at least what Google experts are reporting. According to the latest reports, Technological singularity will turn us into superhumans sometimes within the next 12 years. Yeah, this sounds like some kind of sci-fi movie or fictional novel but this might sound like science fiction, but according to Google’s Director of Engineering, Ray Kurzweil, who has made 147 predictions since the 1990s and had an 86

percent success, states that this will be a reality in the near future!  According to Kurzweil, Humanity is already in a cybernetic society where we will have computers in our brains and machines that will be smarter than human beings.  He also claims this is already happening with technology – especially with our addiction to our phones – and says the next step is to wire this technology into our brains.

‘By 2029, computers will have human-level intelligence,’ Kurzweil said in the interview with SXSW. ‘That leads to computers having human intelligence, our putting them inside our brains, connecting them to the cloud, expanding who we are.  ‘Today, that’s not just a future scenario,’ Kurzweil said. ‘It’s here, in part, and it’s going to accelerate’, he said.