The blood of Jesus can save and transform the worst of sinners! It transformed Saul of Tarsus who murdered and persecuted believers in the New Testament into Paul the Apostle who ended up writing more than half of the New Testament! Now we have a modern story of a man who was transformed by the Power of the Gospel! This man was a

former gang leader whose life was completely transformed after becoming a Christian! And that’s not all! David Washington is reportedly now the pastor of Kingdom Covenant Church in Chicago. Washington recently spoke out about his violent past and said it was his coming to Christ that ‘saved his life’. According to a report, Washington joined the

‘Gangster Disciples’ around the age of twelve, became a drug dealer in his teens and went on to become a gang leader. He was then soon arrested and was facing a possible 15-year prison sentence for armed robbery and unlawful use of a weapon. Washington testified that although he was an agnostic at the time, he finally decided to ask God for help. Consequently the

next day, the judge dropped one of the charges against him and sentenced Washington to one year of house arrest. Washington then stated “I was convinced God was real after that”, he said. “And once convinced, there was no turning back. I gave God everything I had.” He says he “never went back to doing drugs” after this and began sharing the gospel with members of his former gang. “I began to go to the same people I used to lead and tell them, ‘I gave my life to Christ. This is real. I’m pleading with you to come out of this.’”