(By Michael Brown) Headlines like these, which can easily be found everywhere online and which reflect thousands of articles and studies, offer a small sampling of the dangers of our typical diet:

  • Just two [portions] of bacon a day raises your risk of cancer: Health chiefs put processed meat at same level as cigarettes, reports the Daily Mail.

  • Fat around the middle can “double the risk of early death.”


  • The world now has a sweet tooth: Soaring sales of soft drinks and more sugar in foods are contributing to a “growing crisis in obesity, diabetes and heart disease.”

  • Cancer isn’t all in your genes: Up to 90 percent of cases “could be wiped out by avoiding triggers caused by our unhealthy lifestyles.”

  • Revealed, your body on sugar: From weakening the immune system to triggering thrush, this terrifying tool reveals exactly how the white stuff harms our health.

There are also the countless articles on health-promoting websites (such as DrFuhrman.com), with posts like, “The Standard American Diet Is Shortening Our Children’s Lives.” There Dr. Fuhrman writes that this current generation of children may not outlive their parents: READ MORE