(Reported By Heather Sells) Cuba’s churches may still be restricted, but that’s not stopping a spiritual revival in the communist nation, one church leader says. Presbyterian pastor Joel Dopica tells the Associated Press that churches in Cuba are thriving right now. “All of them are growing, not just in the number of members but in their capacity to lead and act in society,” he said. Dopica leads 32 Protestant denominations in his role as president of the officially recognized Council of Churches of Cuba.

Excerpt from CBN News:
He notes that the Cuban government is now allowing churches to provide the social services that it once monopolized. These projects include AIDS prevention, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, medicine distribution and disaster relief. The council estimates that about 25,000 evangelical and other Protestant houses of worship are flourishing across the country. Assemblies of God churches have seen the most spectacular growth in recent years. In the early 1990’s they had roughly 10,000 members compared to 120,000 currently.