(Reported By Michael Snyder) Millions of Muslims all over the world are giving their lives to Jesus Christ, and in many instances, this is happening because of dreams, visions and other supernatural encounters.  Recently I have been writing a lot about the decline of Christianity in America and about the judgment that is about to hit our churches.  Fortunately, the decaying state of the church in the United States is only a small part of the overall story.  In other areas of the globe, Christianity is experiencing absolutely explosive growth even in the midst of horrendous persecution.

This is particularly true in Islamic nations, where we are seeing things happen that could have come straight out of the Book of Acts.All over the planet, Jesus is personally visiting Muslims in supernatural ways, and this has resulted in an enormous wave of conversions.  Earlier today, I ran across an article about a family of Syrian refugees that converted to Christianity while living in Lebanon, and it all happened because of a dreamCONTINUE