New interests have emerged regarding the em famous Ark of the Covenant which is a wooden and gold box that is believed to hold the two stone tablets called the Ten Commandments. It was lost to history and has never been re-discovered, but archaeologists suspect that it could be at the ancient site of Kiriath-Jearim in West Jerusalem. Researchers from France and Israel are getting together to search for this historical artifact. They believe the Ark rests in a Biblical site that has not yet been extensively explored. Kiriath-

Jearim in West Jerusalem will be opened for research between August 7th and September 1st. According to the Book of Samuel, the box was stored there for only two decades. But the ancient site is mentioned many times in the Bible as a place of worship; it is also known as Ba’alah, Ba’ale Judah, and Kiryat Ba’al. The site has not undergone any archaeological excavation; READ MORE