Hope you’re ready for bone-chilling winter air to come with a vengeance this weekend? According to reports, In recent days, some of the coldest March air in decades has gripped portions of Alaska and the Canadian Arctic. Fragments of that frigid air will come crashing into the eastern United States on Friday and into the weekend. The air spilling into the Great Lakes, Northeast and Mid-Atlantic may not fall to record levels, but it could bring the coldest

weather to parts of the region since January. Its pedigree is impressive. On Saturday, Mould Bay in the Canadian Arctic set an all-time record low of minus-66.5 degrees (minus-54.7 Celsius). Then on Monday, Fairbanks, Alaska, saw its temperature plummet to minus-38, the coldest temperature this late in the season since 1964, according to climatologist Brian Brettschneider. READ MORE