Iceland may very well be about to see a major eruption soon as reports indicate the last 24 hours has seen a large seismic swarm of more than 250 earthquakes rattling Herdubreid volcano in Iceland.  According to sources, A Magnitude 3.3 earthquake struck under Mount Herdubreid this morning. This particular area has a rich history of active volcanoes and the last major eruption reported from this region was Bardabunga fissures, lasting about six months and leaving a new lava field known as Holuhraun as a result.

The Icelandic Met Office has reported no volcanic tremors thus far. However, the area is continually being monitored. The swarm began roughly around midnight producing over 250 tremors and is continuing to take place in the area around Mount Herdubreid. Sources indicate that most of them measure between M1 and M2 magnitude and are very shallow – 2 and 5 km. But the biggest quake – measuring 3.3 on the Richter scale – hit approximately 5 km under of the mountain.