Apparently handing out copies of the constitution at a University in California doesn’t go over very well! According to reports, A Los Angeles college student is suing his school for allegedly curbing his free speech rights to pass out copies of the U.S. Constitution. Pierce College student, Kevin Shaw, 27, filed his lawsuit Tuesday against the Los Angeles Community College District after he was barred from passing out copies of the document because he wasn’t in the school’s designated “free speech zone,” which measures 616 square feet or about the size of three parking spaces.

“When I attempted to hand out copies of the Constitution that day, my only intention was to get students thinking about our founding principles and to inspire discussion of liberty and free speech,” Shaw said in a statement. “I had no idea I would be called upon to defend those very ideals against Pierce’s unconstitutional campus policies.” “This fight is about a student’s right to engage in free thinking and debate while attending college in America.” READ MORE