(By Cindy Jacobs) As a prophetic intercessor, my regular prayer time usually involves listening to the Holy Spirit and praying what is on His agenda moment by moment; however, there are a few things I’ve chosen to pray for every single day. I start my mornings with them and often return to them again before I close my eyes at night. This list has grown over the years, as I have learned and grown. I hope these prayers will encourage you and impact your heart the way they continue to impact mine.

Many years ago, as I was writing my book, Possessing the Gates of the Enemy, I studied about the power of praying Psalm 91. I was particularly struck by outstanding stories I read of God’s supernatural protection over soldiers as they recited this psalm on the battlefields of World War I and II. According to a few commentators, some Jewish rabbis believe that this psalm was intended to be read in case of demonic attacks. I have embraced their insight and find myself turning to these words every time it feels like the enemy’s activity is increasing. READ MORE