(By Kelly McDonald, Jr) Julian Assange, notoriously known for leaking classified and top-secret information, has recently announced that he has discovered secret hacking tools used by the CIA. He claims that these tools were used to hack Americans and other entities. He plans to leaking these secrets to tech companies such as Google and Apple so that they can protect their products from CIA intervention.

The disturbing part of the report is that Assange claims that the CIA kept all of their hacking secrets in one place AND that they were not securely stored. If he is telling the truth, then this is an area of serious concern. The United States must take the highest level of protection to guard such secrets.

Based upon a prior legal case, tech Companies that receive this CIA material will likely be free from prosecution since they did not participate in the illegal act of procuring this top-secret information. The CIA reaction to this story will be interesting. Stay tuned as we find out ore information.