Apparently, one University in Florida doesn’t tolerate any opposing views to Islam. According to a report coming out of the state, One Christian found this out the hard way! The report indicates that not even a year after Radical Islamic terrorist Omar Mateen killed 49 people at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub, Rollins College officials are now reportedly punishing a Christian Conservative student who allegedly challenged a liberal Muslim professor and radicalized Muslim student during a conversation on the application of Sharia Law.

Excerpt From Central Florida Post:
Marshall Polston confirmed to the Central Florida Post that Professor Areeje Zufari, who teaches a “Muslim Humanities” course at Rollins, has made outlandish claims against him and even filed a false police report. Early on in the class, Polston said he realized the professor was harboring Anti-Christian beliefs, demonstrated by the professor’s assertion that the crucifixion of Jesus was a hoax and that his disciples did not believe he was God.