One Christian School in Florida is choosing to shut down and close it’s doors rather than compromise their beliefs! According to the report,  The Christian preschool receives much of its funding from the government and will close its doors in May out of concerns that government regulations could one day force its staff to compromise religious teachings or even create bathroom accommodations for transgender children! This is a very sad story as Gateway Christian Preschool, an outreach ministry of the Gateway Church of Christ in Pensacola Florida will be shutting down after serving the local the

community for over 40 years. According to the report, The preschool’s Director, Barbara Deem, told The Christian Post on Wednesday that the decision was made by the church’s eldership after they came to the decision that the preschool and its involvement in the state-funded Voluntary pre-kindergarten subsidy program could one day become a “liability” to the church. So the question is will this be the first domino of many to come? Will this become a new trend? Are we going to begin seeing Christian Schools be forced to decide on compromising their core beliefs or capitulating to the Government?