(By Kelly McDonald, Jr) At a time when Donald Trump, the United States President, is focused on cutting abortions, Canada’s leader is taking a different stance. This past week, Justin Trudeau promised $650 million to fund world-wide abortions. He said that women world-wide have unsafe abortions and lack choices in reproductive health, and are unable to pursue a broad range of educational and economic opportunities. The funds will be invested over a three-year period

and be aimed towards abortions, sex education, and contraceptives. Pro-Life groups in Canada have been outraged by this decision, saying that it will propel Canada to being one of the world’s top exporters of abortions. Some say that the term “family planning” is a disguised term for abortion funding. When we look at America and Planned Parenthood, this certainly is the case. Even leaders in America, such as Sarah Palin, have denounced the move. The funds Trudeau is proposing may never make it to the countries as some of them have made abortion illegal.